Forty days have passed since the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini. They wrote on her tombstone, “Zhina, you will not die, your name will become a symbol ” and that’s how her name became a symbol of the struggle against the oppression of the Islamic Republic.

Today, despite the great pressure and militarization of Saqqez, the birthplace of Gina, thousands of people went to the Aichi cemetery and chanted “Woman, Life, Freedom” at Zhina’s grave.

Today, along with the ceremony of the 40th day of Zhina’s murder, a general strike was held in many other cities of Kurdistan such as Sanandaj, Mahabad, Bane, Kamiyaran, Javanrud, Diwandre, Marivan and Bukan, and the shops and markets of the city were closed.

There have been reports of strikes in some Iranian cities. Also, a large number of security forces have been deployed in many cities to prevent marches and demonstrations.

In some eastern societies, forty days after the death of a person, a memorial service is held at his/her grave.

Zhina or Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish girl, was arrested by Tehran police on September 13th for violating the mandatory hijab laws, two hours later she was taken to Kasri Hospital while in a coma, and she died three days later on September 16th.

From that day until now, protests against the death of this girl continue.
Demonstrations have covered most of Iran’s cities.
According to the latest statistics of the Iranian Human Rights Organization, at least 234 people have been killed in the protests. This means that the Iranian regime has killed nearly 6 people every day in the past 40 days in order to prove that it did not kill zHina.
During the 43 years of rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the recent protests have become the most unprecedented demonstrations and protests both in terms of extent and to be long-term.
The current protests during the past 43 years are the only general uprising that has shaken the foundations of the rule in Iran, and now more than ever, the issue of the fall of the Islamic Republic is discussed. A demand that has been abundantly heard in the demonstrations, and even today at the grave of Zhina Amini, the main slogan was “With the fall of the dictator, we will avenge the killing of Zhina”.