In the past years, Sulaymaniyah and the Kurdistan region were the places of assassination of Iranian opponents, but for some time now, Turkish opponents have not been safe in this region either.

On Saturday, October 4, a woman named “Nagihan Akarsel” from the city of Konya in Kurdistan, Turkey, was killed by a bullet in Bakhtiari neighborhood of Sulaimaniye city.

Mrs. Akarsel was the editor of “Jinology” magazine, a special women’s rights magazine. He was a member of “Jinology” Academy and the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom” which is repeated a lot in recent days in Iranian protests, is the result of the beliefs of this academy.

On Saturday night, a few hours after the murder of this woman, Sulaymaniyah security forces announced that the suspects of the murder were arrested near Erbil.

In the past year, five opponents of Turkey have been killed in Sulaymaniyah province. The Turkish Intelligence and Security Organization, known as MET, has been introduced as the main suspect in carrying out these assassinations.

On September 16, “Farhad Barash Kondo”, a refugee from Turkish Kurdistan, was seriously injured by a bullet in Sulaymaniyah.

The day after that, Yasin Bulot, a former political prisoner and a member of the PKK Martyrs’ Family Committee, was assassinated in Sulaymaniyah.

On the night of 5/17/2022, Mohammad Zaki Chalabi, the owner of Deniz Restaurant, was murdered in Bakhtiari neighborhood of Soleimani. He was from the city of Van in Kurdistan, Turkey. Mohammad Zaki had previously announced in a television program that he was threatened many times by Mit Turkiye.

On August 28, 2022, Sohail Khurshid Aziz, who was known as “Mamousta Shamal” and was a member of the leadership of an organization close to the PKK, was killed in front of his home in Kufr city.

So far, none of the suspects in the past four assassinations had been arrested.

On Saturday, at the same time as Nagihan Akarsel was killed, Turkish drones targeted a car in Sulaymaniyah province, and Turkish drones bombed 4 villages in Panjvin.

According to the statistics of AbdulRahman Broumand Foundation, in the last 30 years, 329 opponents of the Iranian regime have been killed in Iraqi Kurdistan, most of them in Sulaymaniyah.

Also, on September 28, Iran attacked the positions of its opponents in Iraqi Kurdistan, in which 17 people were killed and 58 were injured in these attacks, which were carried out with suicide missiles and drones.

As it can be seen, Turkey has adopted the same routine as Iran in suppressing and eliminating its opponents.