Mohammed Amini

On September 28, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards attacked the headquarters of opposition parties in Iraqi Kurdistan with 20 suicide drones and 30 ballistic missiles. In these attacks, 17 members of Iranian Kurdish parties were killed and 58 others were injured.

In these attacks, the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in Koi Sanjaq located in Erbil province, the headquarters of the Kurdistan Freedom Party in Elton Kapri (Pardi) in Erbil province and the village of Zarguiz, the headquarters of the Komle party in Sulaymaniyah suburbs, were targeted.

The missiles were launched from the heights of Surkio mountain range near the city of Baneh.

The launch pad was established near the village of Jesin.

This village is located near Bolhasan village. Earlier, I had revealed in a report that an underground missile tunnel of the IRGC has been built near this village.

The missiles have been moved from this underground tunnel to the village of Jesin.

Fajr missiles were used due to the proximity of Komle headquarters near Sulaymaniyah to the launch site.

The headquarters of PAK and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in Elton Kapri and Koy Sanjaq were targeted by Fatah and Fateh 110 missiles.

The suicide drones used in these attacks are Shahid 136. The same drone that was handed over to Russia to use in the Ukraine war.

The IRGC has announced that it will continue its attacks against the opposition forces based in Iraqi Kurdistan.

On Friday, the mobile missile launch platforms were once again moved near the village of Jesin, but a little later these platforms were moved to the village of Balkeh. A village at the zero point of the border.

Identifying underground missile tunnels and taking into account the movements and transfers of missile platforms can reduce the casualties of these attacks.

The Iranian government has accused the Kurdish parties of attacks against military bases on the borders and also their support for the popular protests of Iran.

Political parties and activists believe that through its attacks on Kurdish parties, Iran is trying to divert popular demonstrations against Mahsa Amini’s murder.