The Kataeb Hezbollah in Iraq, an Iranian-backed militant group, issued a statement on Monday, March 14 saying that Saturday night’s IRGC missile strike on Erbil, was “a response to the Israeli bombing of Iranian territory” “from Iraqi territory.”
The statement said the bombing was carried out “in recent weeks” by Israel “with drones and from Iraqi territory.”
Kataeb Hezbollah did not provide further details, but wrote that the process was “a process that predicts a different phase of conflict in Iraq.”
Meanwhile, on Monday, Lebanese media affiliated with the Islamic Republic, Al-Mayadin TV, quoted “reliable sources” as saying that “on February 12 this year, six Israeli drones, led from a base in Erbil, carried out sabotage operations against a military base.” “They had in Kermanshah.”
Al-Mayadin added that the place where the rockets fired by the Revolutionary Guards in Erbil was “the main base of Israeli espionage and military operations against Iran” and the same place from which “drones attacking the military base in Kermanshah” were taken.
Speculation about the January 15 attack was raised. On the evening of January 15, a large number of citizens living in several western cities of Iran reported on social media that they heard numerous explosions and “drone firing,” but the Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, quoted an “informed source in the armed forces.” “The main source of the noise was lightning in the western part of the country.”
The important point is that there are three different times, early March, February 12th and January 15th. Has Israel attacked western Iran at any time? Or is it just speculation?
During a rocket attack on Saturday night, 12 ballistic missiles were fired at Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, and the Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Revolutionary Guards have claimed in the past two days that the attack was in response to the killing of two troops in Syria, and that the Israeli-affiliated “Strategic Center for Conspiracy and Evil” was targeted.

Iranian-affiliated media outlets have not provided further details on the “bombing of the military base in Kermanshah” and no response has been received from Israel.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday that Iran had “repeatedly” warned Iraq about the presence of “third parties” in the country, adding: “But we are at a point where this “The messages were being ignored and the security of our borders was being undermined.” “We hope the message has been received,” he added.