Iran, which ranks second in the world after China in terms of the number of executions, has in an unprecedented move described Saudi executions as “contrary to basic human rights principles.”
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh called the execution of 81 people a day in Saudi Arabia an act “contrary to the basic principles of human rights” and “accepted humanitarian principles and legal procedures.”
“Execution and unbridled violence are not the solution to self-inflicted crises, and the Saudi government can not use commonplace headlines to cover up political and judicial turmoil and repress the people,” he said in a statement broadcast on Iranian television.
The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman also accused Western countries of “double standards and instrumental use of human rights.”
He called other countries’ reactions to the incident “a sign of hypocrisy in the political exploitation of the concept of human rights.”
According to Saudi officials, 81 men were executed yesterday, Saturday, on charges of committing terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia.