Israeli media claimed on Tuesday that hundreds of UAVs had been destroyed during last month’s military offensive in military areas in western Iran.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, while covering the report of Al-Mayadin TV channel, somehow confirmed such an operation in western Iran and claimed that hundreds of Iranian drones were destroyed during the attack.
The report states that Tehran blames Israel for the attack, but Israeli officials have not yet claimed responsibility.
The author of the article, Haaretz, then added that neither Iran nor Israel had spoken about the attack until earlier this week, before Al-Mayadin TV reported.

According to some reports, Iranian drones have been attacked in the Mahidasht area of Kermanshah province.

Allegations of the destruction of hundreds of Iranian drones during an Israeli attack on a military base in Kermanshah were made by the Israeli media after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced two days ago that an Israeli-affiliated “strategic center of conspiracy and evil” in Erbil, Iraq had been targeted by missiles. Cruise and ballistic put.
Iranian-backed Shiite militant groups on Monday described the IRGC’s missile strike on Erbil as a reaction to a recent Israeli drone strike on a military base in Kermanshah.
Kataeb al Hezboallah, one of the most active of these groups, issued a statement claiming that last month’s Israeli drone strike on western Iran was planned and operated from inside Iraq.
Al-Mayadin, a Lebanese media outlet close to Iran, said in a report on Monday, quoting informed sources, that Israel had carried out sabotage operations with a six-drone base against a military target in the west on February 15 from an operations command center in Erbil. Iran has designed and implemented.
The Lebanese media then claimed that the targeted building was the site from which the drone attack on Kermanshah was planned and directed, citing a rocket attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on Saturday night on a building said to be an Israeli-run strategic center. .
Al-Mayadin reported that the place targeted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was a large “Israeli security and intelligence headquarters” and went on to claim that at least four Israeli officers were killed and seven others were injured during the IRGC rain rocket.
Hours after Saturday night’s attack, Iranian news sources reported that at least nine Israeli agents had been killed, citing unnamed sources.
Although Iraqi Kurdistan Region officials have denied the presence of Israeli intelligence agents and the presence of a Mossad strategic center in Erbil in response to the attack, some Iraqi sources have ruled out the possibility of a Mossad nucleus in buildings targeted by Revolutionary Guards ballistic missiles. they do not know.
On the other hand, Abu al-Alaa al-Walai, the leader of the Kataeb Sayyid al-Shuhada group, an Iraqi military night group affiliated with Iran, claimed in a telegram that there are currently at least 20 Israeli bases in Iraqi Kurdistan and more than 4,000 Israelis. They also work there.