Fars News Agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, and the Saberin News Telegram Channel, which belongs to the Revolutionary Guards, claimed that the Fateh 110 ballistic missile had attacked US and Israeli Mossad positions in Erbil.
The sources initially stated that the missile attack on Erbil was carried out with 12 Grad missiles, but later stated that at least four Fatah 110 ballistic missiles had hit American positions in Erbil.
According to Erbil Governor Omid Khoshnav, the rocket attacks did not cause any casualties.
According to several sources, the missiles were fired from two bases in the provinces of East Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, and a terrible sound was heard in the cities of Tabriz and Kamyaran.

On the night of Friday, March 11, news was heard that an explosion had been heard near the Harir base in Erbil province. US forces are present at the base. But US and local officials have denied the allegations. But less than 24 hours later, there were more widespread attacks.

The blasts coincide with the acceleration of the formation of a new Iraqi government. Muqtada al-Sadr reiterated the slogans of the Eastern and Western Nines, which are openly opposed to Iran’s influence in Iraq.
Sadr tweeted after the rocket attack on Erbil that the attack was carried out by failed individuals.
Sadr declared his support for Erbil and the Kurds and stressed the slogan of forming a majority government.