A source close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) provided details of Sunday morning’s missile attack on Erbil, as well as the number, type of missiles and where they were fired.
The Tasnim website, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, quoted an informed source as saying: 10 Iranian anti-RPG missiles from the Fateh family of missiles, including the Fateh, attacked 110 Israeli bases in Erbil.
This is despite the fact that 12 missiles were mentioned earlier.
The well-informed source also explained why the attack took place: “Some of the recent Zionist atrocities against Iran have taken place on Iraqi soil, and for this reason the IRGC intended to punish the regime on the same soil.” As a rule, if these evils continue, they will respond at least at the same level, but to a much higher degree, and than they did not expect.
Earlier, it was reported that Iran had carried out the attack to avenge the killing of two members of the Revolutionary Guards in Syria.
Last week, two members of the Revolutionary Guards were killed in Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, and the IRGC promised to retaliate.
The source also said that the center of the rocket attack was the gathering place of a significant number of Zionists (Israelis) and given the number of people present at the base, the probability of human casualties of this regime is very high.
The informed source pointed out that the missiles were fired from the northwestern region of Iran and all these powerful missiles hit the target. The main target of the IRGC missiles was the Zionist headquarters, which is far from the American military headquarters.
The Pentagon has said it has no evidence that the attack carried out against US forces.
“It is clear to us that the United States was not the target of these attacks,” a US official said earlier.