Once again, civil and peaceful demonstrations in the cities of Kurdistan turned bloody and at least 7 protestors were killed in the cities of Javanroud , Piranshahr ،Dehgolan and Marivan by the forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.
Today, Sunday, November 20, people came to the streets in the continuation of public protests in the city of Javanrood from Kermanshah province.
The IRGC forces tried to end the protests by resorting to violence, as a result of the direct shooting of at least three people in the names of:
Luqman Kakai and his son Irfan Kakai as well as Bahaddin Veisi were killed.

Bahaddin Veisi، Luqman Kakai، Irfan Kakai

Luqman Kakai, a retired teacher, was murdered in front of his house.
In the city of Piranshahr, one of the provinces of West Azarbaijan province, a large-scale demonstration was also held. In this city, at least two protestors, named Karvan Qadri Shokri and Taher Azizi, were killed.

Taher Azizi، Karvan Qadri Shokri

Also, in Dehgolan city of Kurdistan province, a young man named Mohsen Niazi was taken to Sanandaj after being seriously injured, but despite the efforts of doctors, he was killed.

Mohsen Niazi

On the other hand, a large demonstration was held today in Marivan city, the security forces shot at the protesting people, one person named Sattar Rahimi was killed.

Sattar Rahimi

In the past three days, more than 25 protesters have been killed in the cities of Kurdistan, Iran.
Since the beginning of the protests against the killing of Zhina Amini, 90 citizens of Kod have been killed.