Amnesty International says the life of a pregnant prisoner named So’ada Khedirzadeh, who went on a hunger strike in Urmia Prison to protest her condition, is in danger.
According to Amnesty International, Ms. Khedirzadeh is eight months pregnant and suffers from heart and kidney disease. However, she is deprived of specialized medical care and prison officials have so far refused to send her to out-of-prison treatment centers.
The 32-year-old Kurdish citizen from Piranshahr had previously announced in an audio file that he had been on a hunger strike since May 26 to protest his situation.
In this audio file, he says that despite providing medical evidence, no action has been taken to convert his bail and release him from prison.
Ms. Khedirzadeh also says that she was “severely tortured” in the Piranshahr Intelligence Detention Center and that she was given “immoral offers.”
Saada Khedirzadeh was arrested by security forces on October 13, 2021and was transferred to the Urmia Women’s Prison about three weeks later, where she has been held ever since.