Tensions continue between the Iraqi army and Yazidi forces in Sinjar.
Sinjar, a city whose Yazidi residents were massacred by ISIS forces in 2014, is now being evicted once again.
On April 17, Iraqi army forces attacked positions of the Sinjar Resistance Forces.
The Iraqi army is trying to disarm these popular forces.
For nearly two weeks now, clashes and tensions have escalated.
August 3, 2014 When ISIL attacks Sinjar, Iraqi Army forces and forces affiliated with the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party flee the city, leaving the residents alone in the face of ISIL forces.
ISIL abducted more than 6,000 Yazidi women and children and killed thousands of men in the city.
In the meantime, only forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and part of the forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan defended the Sinjar Yazidis. The People’s Defense Units (YPG) also transferred more than 50,000 Yazidis from Syrian Kurdistan to Syrian Kurdistan by creating a humanitarian corridor.
After the recapture of Sinjar, forces known as the Sinjar Defense Units, which are ideologically close to the PKK, took control of many areas of the city.
Turkey has repeatedly attacked these forces, and according to officials from the Sinjar Defense Units, the recent attack by the Iraqi army was ordered by Turkey.
The Yazidis are worried that if the forces defending this religious minority are disarmed, they will be attacked again by Islamic extremist groups, and again, as in 2014, the Iraqi forces will flee and leave the defenseless Yazidis alone.