The Human Rights Organization of Iran, which monitors and analyzes the human rights situation in Iran, stated in its 13th annual report on the execution and execution statistics in the country that in 2020, at least 267 people were executed in Iran.
The report, prepared and published with the support of the Organization Against the Death Penalty (ECPM), emphasizes that last year, Iran was “the only country to continue the execution of child offenders” and at least “Four child-criminals” were among those executed.
Iran’s judiciary executed 273 and 280 people in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and in 2020, the number of executions in Iran decreased slightly.
Meanwhile, only one person was executed in public last year, which according to the report was “the lowest rate in the last 15 years,” but according to Iranian human rights officials, this does not necessarily indicate a change in the judiciary’s policy. It was due to “limitations due to the epidemic” of the corona.

The human rights organization also published the results of a poll conducted by this organization, according to which 70% of the respondents were against the “death penalty” and 85% of the respondents were “against the public execution and the death penalty for those who “They committed the crime under the age of 18,” they said.
In another part of the report, referring to the issuance of death sentences for political and civil activists, the Human Rights Organization of Iran wrote that in 2020, “the number of executions in the ethnic areas of Sistan and Baluchestan and Kurdistan has increased significantly compared to the past two years. ».
According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, at least 44 Kurdish prisoners were executed in Iran last year.
According to international organizations, Iran has the worst situation among the countries in the world in terms of population per capita and execution rate, along with China.

ئێران.. ساڵی رابردوو 267 كه‌س له‌سێداره‌دراون

رێكخراوی مافه‌كانی مرۆڤ له‌ ئێران بڵاویكرده‌وه‌، له‌ ساڵی رابردوودا لانیكه‌م 267 كه‌س له‌و وڵاته‌ له‌سێداره‌دراوه‌.
هه‌ر به‌ پێی راپۆرتی ئه‌و رێكخراوه‌، ساڵی رابردوو ئێران ته‌نها ولاتی جیهان بووه‌، كه‌ سزای له‌سێداره‌دانی به‌سه‌ر ئه‌و كه‌سانه‌دا جێبه‌جێكردووه‌، كه‌ له‌ كاتی تاوانه‌كه‌دا ته‌مه‌نیان له‌ ژێر 18 ساڵه‌وه‌ بووه‌ و له‌ ساڵی 2020دا لانیكه‌م چوار كه‌س كه‌ له‌ منداڵیدا تاوانی كوشتنیان ئه‌نجامدابوو له‌سێداره‌ دراون.
ئاماژه‌ی به‌وه‌شكردووه‌، جێبه‌جێكردنی سزای له‌سێداره‌دان به‌سه‌ر چالاكوانانی سیاسی و مه‌ده‌نی پێكهاته‌كانی ئێران به‌ تایبه‌تی به‌لوچ و كورد له‌ ساڵی 2020دا رووی له‌ هه‌ڵكشان كردووه‌.
له‌ ساڵی 2019دا 280 كه‌س و له‌ 2018دا 273 كه‌س له‌ ئێران له‌سێداره‌درابوون، سه‌رباری دابه‌زینی ژماره‌ی له‌ سێداره‌دراوان له‌ 2020دا به‌ڵام به‌رپرسانی رێكخراوی مافه‌كانی مرۆڤی ئێران پێیان وایه‌، هۆكاری ئه‌و دابه‌زینه‌ بۆ بڵاوبوونه‌وه‌ی كۆرۆنا ده‌گه‌ڕێته‌وه‌ و هیچ گۆڕانكارییه‌ك به‌سه‌ر سیاسه‌تی ئێران له‌ باره‌ی جێبه‌جێكردنی ئه‌و سزایه‌ نه‌هاتووه‌.
به‌پێی ئامارێكی كۆمه‌ڵه‌ی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستانیش كه‌ پێشتر بڵاوكرابوه‌وه‌، ساڵی رابردوو لانیكه‌م 44 كورد له‌ زیندانه‌كانی ئێران له‌ سێداره‌ دراون.