The Kurdistan Human Rights Association is satisfied with this statement, which has been claimed by this population for many years, although the depth of the tragedy is much greater and the casualties, financial and consequences are much wider, and we publish the text of the statement as ourselves.
Statement by French unions on #Killing_Kolbran by the armed forces of the Iranian regime Stop the killing of Colbran in Iran. Between 8 and 10 million Kurds living in the Kurdish regions of Iran are subjected to discriminatory and repressive policies by the Iranian regime.
The Iranian regime severely suppresses any political protests and demands for Kurdish autonomy-identity. To keep the people of this region in a state of instability and misery, the regime has hindered the economic development of the region, almost no industry has been launched in this region, and the orientation of products and resources is mainly for the central regions of the country. Unemployment is very high. Due to the lack of employment opportunities in the region, young people are widely forced to migrate to large Persian-speaking cities.
For thousands of residents of Rojehlat (Iranian Kurdistan), the Iraqi-Iranian border is the only source of livelihood. Kulberi means cross-border exchanges of goods, transporting goods on human carts or on mules by crossing mountains, transferring all kinds of goods from Iraq and Turkey to Iran, with many risks. From diapers to home appliances, including clothing, blankets, car tires, tea, satellite dishes, alcohol, cigarettes. These goods are offered in the markets of big cities such as Tehran. Every day, thousands of male and female workers, including children and the elderly, take risks and risk their lives along these borders in order to make a living and make ends meet for themselves and their families.
If a Kulber dies or is injured, his family will have no source of income. Legally, Kulbery’s situation is ambiguous, sometimes legal, sometimes legal and sometimes illegal, and subject to the goodwill of the authorities.
In addition to the dangers posed by impassable mountains and an area full of unexploded ordnance, border guards fire at them and increase the number of retaliation each year. During 2019 alone, the number of casualties was 79 and the number of injured reached 165. It is rare for border guards to be tried for these killings. They do not even hesitate to kill mules.
Many Kolbranes are also sentenced to prison or heavy fines. The fate of the Kulbers is the result of several factors: influenced by the nation-state and the central government’s integrationist policies toward the Kurds and the destructive effects of US sanctions on Iran, which have only exacerbated the plight of the masses under pressure from the regime.
We are French trade unions. اس. He and Solidar draw the attention of working men and women and the international community to the humanitarian and social catastrophe of Kolburn. We call on the Iranian government to stop suppressing the Kolbrans and, above all, killing them at the borders. The government must recognize them as legal workers in order to enjoy their rights and security. Paris 21 July 2020 United Federation of Trade Unions (FSO-Cultural) Union of Solidarity (Solidarity).
Kurdistan Human Rights Association