According to human rights and women’s rights activists, 135 women have committed suicide or been killed in the Kurdish regions of Iran over the past year.
According to the Hangaw Human Rights Organization, from March 2021 to March this year, at least 94 women in the Kurdish regions of Iran lost their lives and 41 women were killed.
According to the report, female homicides increased by 30% compared to the same period last year, and female suicides decreased by 14 cases (15%) compared to the same period last year.
Murder of 41 women in one year
According to the report, most of the killings were motivated by family disputes, with 17 women killed by their husbands and three women killed by their ex-husbands.
The number of murders of women in Kurdistan has increased by 12% or 30% compared to the same period last year, when there were 29 cases.
According to this report, most of the murders of women during this period were recorded in Kermanshah province with 18 cases, equivalent to 44% of the total cases.
The names of at least 6 women in Kurdistan who were killed with honor motives are as follows: Nasrin Pahlavani from Qasr Shirin, Shakiba Bakhtiar from Kermanshah, Sara Pirzadi from Hersin, Jeeran Poori Yaghoub from Piranshahr, Faezeh Maleki and Sahar Moradi from Sanandaj.
It is worth mentioning that the news of the murder of Jeeran Pouriaoob was not reported in the media, and after several months and with the pursuit of her colleagues in Piranshahr, this murder has been registered and declared an honor.
Motivation to kill
Murder called honor: 6 cases equal to 14.5% of all cases
Family Disorders: 27 cases equal to 65.5% of all cases
Theft: 4 cases equal to 10. Total cases
Rejection of marriage application: 2 cases equivalent to 5. Total cases
Financial disputes: 2 cases equal to 5. Total cases

Murder by:

Close people (father, brother, ex-wife, son, son-in-law, etc.): 35 cases
Unknown: 4 cases
Applicant: 2 items

Distribution by province
Kurdistan Province (Sanandaj): 11 cases
Kermanshah province: 18 cases
West Azerbaijan Province (Urmia): 7 cases
Ilam Province: 1 case

Suicide of 94 women from March 2021 to March 2022

From March 2021 to March 2022, at least 94 cases of female suicide were registered in Kurdistan, which is a decrease of 14 or 15% compared to the same period last year, when there were 108 cases.

Family disputes are the motive and cause of 71% of suicides, and West Azerbaijan Province (Urmia) with 52 cases, equivalent to 55% of all cases, has the highest number of female suicides.

Also, according to this statistic, 22 cases of suicide, equivalent to 23.5% of the total cases, were girls and adolescents under 18 years of age, three of whom were 13 years old.

Suicide motive
Family disputes: 67 cases, equivalent to 71. Total cases.
Poverty and unemployment: 2 cases equivalent to 2. Total cases.
Unknown: 13 cases equivalent to 14. Total cases.
Depression: 4 cases 4.5. Total substance.
Prohibition of marriage: 2 cases equivalent to 2. Total cases.
Mental problems: 5 cases equivalent to 5.5% of cases.
Deprivation of education: 1 case is equivalent to 1. cases.

Distribution by province
Ilam province: 6 cases equivalent to 7. Total cases.
Kermanshah province: 16 cases equivalent to 17. Total cases.
Kurdistan Province (Sanandaj): 20 cases equivalent to 21. Total cases.
West Azerbaijan Province (Urmia): 52 cases, equivalent to 55% of the total cases.