A 21-year-old woman is hospitalized in a hospital in Soleimani due to burns. The woman claimed that her husband had set her on fire after a family dispute.
The woman, named Shnyar, got married at the age of 16 and has two children, aged 3 and 4, and, as she stated in the hospital, they quarreled after her husband returned home drunk.
“My husband beat me and hit my head on the ground, then brought oil and set me on fire in front of my children,” Shenyar said in a video message on the hospital bed.
The woman’s husband, named “Honar”, was arrested on the border between Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran while trying to flee the country.
On 16-12-2018 , in a similar incident, a man in Chamchamal, Sulaymaniyah province, set his wife and three children on fire.