Mehrdad Abdarbashi, a former Iranian army pilot, said the recent kidnapping operation by Iranian security forces in Turkey, which failed in Turkey, was planned to anesthetize him and transfer him to Iran, and that a woman living in Turkey had worked with Iranian security agencies.
The news of the operation was published on Wednesday, October 13, and the Turkish government announced the “destruction of a spy network” in the Islamic Republic, saying that several people had been arrested in the country on charges of espionage and kidnapping.
In an interview with VOA, Mr. Abdarbashi explained in detail the reason for his departure from Iran, saying that he was to be sent to Syria in 2017 through Quds Force under the command of Qassem Soleimani, and after his opposition to going to Syria, by the IRGC. Has been interrogated.
According to the former Iranian army pilot, after several stages of interrogation, he asked the Revolutionary Guards officials for a deadline to prepare and go to Syria, and within a two-week period, he managed to leave Iran and seek asylum in Turkey. Iranian security forces contacted him through a woman and planned to abduct him.
According to Mr. Abdarbashi, he contacted Turkish security forces after a woman in Turkey contacted him for financial training, and she was scheduled to give him a poisoned drink during a dinner party. And the security forces to transfer him to Iran under the pretext of transferring him to the hospital.

Earlier, Turkish media quoted Turkish security officials as saying that the Turkish security service, MIT, had been informed about the plan to abduct the former Iranian soldier about eight months ago.
According to the Turkish Anatolian News Agency, “Iranian intelligence officers tried to set up a network in Van with a budget of $ 30,000 to bring back” the former military, and eight people have been arrested in this case.
Mehrdad Abdarbashi told VOA that six Turkish nationals were involved in the case, all of whom had been arrested.
Iran and Turkey have historically had close economic ties, but from time to time they get into tensions over regional disputes, espionage and attempts to kidnap Iranian dissidents.
Turkey arrested an employee of the Iranian consulate in Istanbul last February to investigate the 2019 assassination of a dissident Iranian in the country.
In recent years, a number of opponents of the Islamic Republic have been arrested in Turkey and other neighboring countries and transferred to Iran.
In November last year, the “Ahwaz Arab Liberation Movement” announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran had abducted Habib Farjullah Chaab, known as “Habib Asyud”, the group’s former leader in Turkey.
The group has accused Iran of “luring Habib Assoud to Turkey and kidnapping him there with the cooperation of a third country.”
The family of Jamshid Sharmahd, the leader of the “Thunder” group, also announced in August last year that Mr. Sharmahd had been abducted by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic while he was living in Dubai.
Ruhollah Zam, the director of the Amnnews telegram channel, who also lived in France, was abducted on a trip to Iraq in September 2018 and later executed in Iran.

وان.. ئەندامانی تۆڕێكی سیخۆڕی سەر بە ئێران دەستگیركران

دەزگای هەواڵگریی نیشتمانیی توركیا (میت) و ئاسایشی ئەو وڵاتە، لە شاری وانی باكوری كوردستان تۆڕێكی سیخوڕییان لەكاتی رفاندنی ئەفسەرێكی پێشووی ئێرانی دەستگیر كرد، كە وەك پەنابەر لەو شارە نێشتەجێیە.
میدیاكانی توركیا بڵاویانكردەوە، دەزگای میت و بەڕێوەبەرایەتی ئاسایشی وان، لە 24ی ئەیلوولی 2021 لە ئۆپەراسیۆنێكدا، هەشت كەسیان دەستگیر كردووە كە پلانیان بۆ رفاندنی ئەفسەرێكی پێشووی ئێران بە ناوی (م.ئ) دانابوو، كە لە شاری وان نیشتەجێیە.
دەزگای هەواڵگریی نیشتمانیی توركیا، ئەوەی دەستنیشان كردبوو، كە كارمەندانی هەواڵگریی ئێران، بۆ رفاندنی ئەو كەسە بۆ ئێران، بوودجەیەكیان بە بڕی 30 هەزار دۆلار بۆ پێكهێنانی تۆڕێك لە وان تەرخان كردووە.
لە ئەنجامی چاودێریی كردنی ئەندامانی تۆڕەكە، ئەوە دەركەوت كە سیخوڕە ئێرانییەكان، بڕی 10 هەزار دۆلاریان بۆ (م.ی) كە ژنە هاوڕێیەکی ئەفسەرەكە پێشووی وڵاتەكەیانە، پێشنیاز كردووە و لە ئەگەری رەتكردنەوەی ئەوە هەڕەشەی زیان گەیاندنیان بە خێزانەكەی لە ئێران لێ كردووە.
ئەوەش خراوەتەڕوو، كە ئەندامێكی ئێرانی تۆڕەكە و كەسێكی تورك لە كاتی ئەنجامدانی تاوانەكە و لە شوێنی نیشتەجێبوونی ئەفسەرە ئێرانیەكە دەستگیركراون و لە درێژەی ئۆپراسیۆنەكەدا شەش ئەندامی تری تۆڕەكە كە توركن دەستگیركراون.