Simultaneously with the increase of Iranian military forces on the border of this country with Iraq, the forces of this country have advanced in some areas of the Kurdistan region and have established a number of military bases inside the territory of Iraq.

According to the pictures received, Iranian military forces have advanced more than 5 kilometers in Choman region of Erbil province in Iraqi Kurdistan and have built a military base inside Iraqi territory.

In the past two months, Iran has established 57 new border posts between Qala Diza region in Sulaymaniyah and Bradost in Erbil, Iran.

In the same way, a number of new bases have been established in the borders of Panjvin and Oraman, which are part of Sulaymaniyah province, and in Biare and Tawila regions of Oraman, Iraq, Iranian bases have advanced a few kilometers further into Iraqi territory.

After the start of popular protests in Iran on September 16 this year, Iran attacked the bases of Iranian Kurdish parties in Iraq several times with missiles and suicide drones.

The Iranian authorities have threatened that if the bases of the opposition parties are not closed, they will attack the bases of the opposition parties inside Iraq.
In this regard, in recent days, Iran has deployed a large number of its forces in the border areas.

Iran calls the popular protests riots and sedition and considers Iranian Kurdish parties as the cause of these protests, but Kurdish and Iranian activists believe that the Tehran government intends to export internal crises outside its borders by projecting and distorting public opinion.