A citizen from West Gilan named Ardalan-Qasmi was identified by military-security forces while writing slogans on Taqbostan Blvd in Kermanshah city and was shot several times from behind and killed. The family had to pay money and sign an undertaking to receive his body.
Kurdistan Human Rights Network: A 48-year-old citizen from Gilan-Gharb named Ardalan Ghasemi was shot dead by military-security forces while writing slogans in Kermanshah on Thursday, November 10.
According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on Thursday evening, when Ardalan Ghasemi and his friend were writing slogans on Taqbostan Boulevard in Kermanshah, they were identified by military-security forces and shot at them from behind. is, were placed
A source close to the family told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network: “As a result of the officers’ shooting, three bullets hit Ardalan’s shoulder, kidney and groin. “The agents took him to the Taleghani Hospital in Kermanshah, but they did not allow him to be operated on immediately, and Ardalan died after a few hours as a result of heavy bleeding.”

It is said that Ardalan Ghasemi’s companion is also seriously injured as a result of a bullet hitting his back and is currently hospitalized.
According to this source, the security institutions have received 16 million Tomans from them in exchange for handing over the body of Ardalan Ghasemi to his family.
Also, the family was forced to sign a document stating that Ardalan Ghasemi was shot by police officers while stealing a car.
Today, Saturday, November 12, the body of Ardalan Ghasemi was buried in a strict security environment without public announcement in Taghil Cemetery in West Gilan.