On October 27, two people were killed during public protests in Baneh city.

According to CCTV images, IRGC forces shoot at the driver of a car from a distance of nearly one meter. The injured driver was killed a few minutes later.

According to the witnesses, Abdul Mutallib Saeed Pirou was standing next to his car in the evening of October 27. After two IRGC cars approached him, he tried to drive away, but the IRGC forces shot him from close range.

The images recorded by the CCTV cameras confirm the statements of the witnesses.

After shooting at this car three times in a short distance, Abdul Mutallib was killed due to his wounds.

On the same day, another protester was killed in Baneh, his name was Fereydoun Faraji. A native of Saqqez who worked as an apprentice in a sandwich shop in Baneh.

According to the eyewitnesses, after this, Fereydoun was wounded by the bullets of the hunting weapons of the IRGC, and he tried to save himself through the surrounding streets. But once again the IRGC forces shot him and he was killed.

During the Iranian protests against the murder of Zhina (mahsa) Amini, at least 277 people have been killed, 40 of whom are under 18 years old.