The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces threatened the Iranian Kurdish opposition parties that are based in Iraq with a large-scale military attack, and also announced that American bases will not be safe from their attacks.
Major General Mohammad Bagheri added about the situation of the Kurdish opposition parties in the northwest of Iran: “This is an old issue; since the beginning of the Islamic revolution, these groups nested in the northern region of Iraq with the help of the United States and other enemies, but in the last few years, with the support of the United States, their headquarters It has become a collection against our national security”.

He reminded: “We had several examples where Israel selected people from among them and then trained them and then they came into our country and carried out terror and anti-security activities and used them as hired terrorists. they did”.
He added: “During these years, we constantly warned the Kurdistan region of Iraq and said that it is not a neighborly custom that we serve the Iraqi nation so much and then you allow them to establish a military and media headquarters.”
The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces continued: “The Iraqis promised us many times that they would stop the actions of terrorist groups, but they did not act, so it was decided to confront them, and this is based on the United Nations Charter and self-defense.” .
Referring to the recent operations of the IRGC ground forces against the headquarters of terrorist groups in northern Iraq, he emphasized: We carried out these operations in accordance with all humanitarian principles and we are careful not to bleed from the nose of a civilian, in cases where terrorist groups are on the same floor. They had a bomb-making workshop in an apartment, but we did not target this building to avoid harming people.
This is despite the fact that in the September 28 attacks on the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in Koi Sanjaq, two women and a newborn baby were among those killed.
Major General Bagheri added: “We told the regional authorities that there are two ways, either they should become a civilian group and disarm, or the Kurdistan Region should expel the terrorist groups from this region.”
He clarified that three thousand armed forces have a bomb-making center behind the border wall of Iran. We will continue this operation and bigger than this.
The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces stated: Now the people of the region have demonstrated in several cases in front of the offices of terrorist groups and demand that the terrorists leave the region. separate from our country and have a government for themselves.
Bagheri did not provide any documents regarding the accusation of placing bombs in the centers of Iranian Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, and also his claim about the demonstration in front of the headquarters of Iranian Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan has not been reported, and in one case, some of the residents of the Kurdistan Region and Iranian refugees in They demonstrated in front of the UN office in Erbil against Iran’s attacks on Kurdish parties.
In another part of his speech, Major General Bagheri, referring to the American authorities’ claim that an Iranian drone was shot down over Erbil, said: “We know where the Harir base is.” In Erbil and Dohuk, we also know where the American base is, how many troops are present there, and what actions are being taken in them.
He clarified: From today onwards, if they take any action against our drones, we will definitely fight back, and the answer to this recent action is also reserved.

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces said about the presence of American bases in some neighboring countries: Neighboring countries say that American bases in our countries do not take action against Iran, then we say that such and such action is taken by American bases against us. They say that the Americans don’t allow us to enter the bases and we don’t know about their activities. We told the neighboring countries that if an action against our national security is taken from the American bases in the neighboring countries, we will definitely respond to that base.
He reminded: Of course, in the last two years, we have cooperated with the intelligence services of neighboring countries and they have also made reforms. In some cases, they have acted against their commitment, and we will retaliate in time.

After the beginning of the protests against the murder of Zhina (Mahsa), which covered most of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, which is on the list of terrorist organizations of the US State Department, declared the Kurdish opposition parties based in Iraq to be responsible for the demonstrations in the Kurdistan regions.

On September 28, the Revolutionary Guards attacked the headquarters of the Komle parties in Sulaimaniyah, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in Koi Sanjaq, Erbil, and the Kurdistan Freedom Party in the Pardi region of Erbil province with a long-range missile and a suicide drone.

In these attacks, 17 people were killed and nearly 60 people were injured.

After these attacks, the IRGC forces continued to gather troops and military equipment in the border areas of Kurdistan.
According to the experts of Iran issues, the Tehran regime is trying to silence the recent demonstrations in order to divert public opinion from the issue of demonstrations and also to emphasize the danger of the disintegration of Iran.