Mohammed Amini

Since the beginning of protests against the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini, the Iranian government has deployed a large number of its military forces in the border town of Baneh in Kurdistan province.

On September 28, the IRGC attacked the positions of Kurdish opposition parties based in Iraqi Kurdistan with missiles and suicide drones from its bases in Baneh city.

In the past days, the IRGC announced that if the movements of the opposition parties based in Iraqi Kurdistan are not stopped, they will carry out another operation against these parties.

The increase in military movements and recent threats regarding new operations against opposition forces have increased the possibility of ground operations against Iranian Kurdish parties based in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In this regard, the special forces of Sabrin and the command of Beit al-Maqdis, which are dependent on the IRGC, have been stationed in Baneh and dug trenches in some border areas.
According to eyewitnesses, IRGC forces have warned the residents of the border areas in Baneh to avoid traffic in these areas until further notice.

Also, in the video images, the transfer of war drones to the border areas of Kurdistan can be seen. A number of heavy military equipments are also seen in this military convoy.

On the night of Monday, October 10, informed sources in Sanandaj reported that a warplane landed at the airport of this city.
Also, in the past days, IRGC drones bombed areas around Mahabad. It is said that the forces of Pejak are settled in these areas.

On September 28, 17 people were killed, including two women and a newborn baby, in the attack on the headquarters of Komle party near Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and Kurdistan Freedom Party in Erbil province.

After the protests against Zhina Amini’s murder intensified, Iran’s security forces tried to link these protests to Kurdish parties opposed to the Iranian regime, but Kurdish political activists believe that these accusations are an attempt to divert public opinion and justify the bloody suppression of peaceful demonstrations.