Today, Wednesday, September 28, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attacked the headquarters of the parties opposing the Iranian regime in the Iraqi Kurdistan region with missiles and suicide drones. These attacks resulted in nearly 20 deaths and injuries.

In these attacks, the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in Koy Sanjaq in Erbil province, the headquarters of Kurdistan Freedom Party in Pardi in Erbil, and the headquarters of Komleh Party in Sulaymaniyah province were attacked.

According to the latest statistics, these attacks resulted in at least 3 deaths and 16 injuries.

The IRGC claimed that military centers were attacked in these attacks, but according to reports, residential houses and schools were attacked.

These attacks are carried out while protests against the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini have been going on in many cities of Iran for 12 days.

According to the observers, Iran intends to divert public opinion and end the protests in non-Kurdish areas by increasing the risk of Iran’s disintegration with such attacks on the headquarters of opposition parties.