Iran’s airstrikes on the headquarters of Iranian Kurdish opposition parties based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq left 13 dead and more than 58 wounded, besides the attacks, several tragic stories were also recorded.

Rihana and her baby did not see each other

Rehane Kanani, who was in the last weeks of pregnancy, was injured by the attacks of suicide drones and rocket launchers on the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran camp in Koi Sanjaq.

After being transferred to the hospital, Reyhana died due to the severity of her injuries, but the doctors were able to save her baby. Rihana died without seeing her baby and her baby is alive without seeing her mother and will growing up without a mother.

Anya.. the girl who still has her hands on her ears out of fear

Anya, a litlle girl who covered her ears with her hands during the attacks because she was afraid of the sound of explosions and went to the shelter in her father’s arms, is alive, but after a few hours her hands are still on her ears. The shock of these attacks will definitely affect his spirit for years.

Zagros, a football player who planned to get married in the next few days

Another one of the victims of Iran’s air attacks on the Zagros Kurdistan region, who was interested in sports and was a football player in addition to his political activities. Zagros planned to marry his fiancee in the coming days, but Iran’s attacks disturbed his beautiful dreams.