Mohammad Amini

It has been more than a week that the news of protests in Iran against the killing of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini has become the top news in the world and social networks.

As a journalist, I felt it necessary to mention a few points about how to cover the news related to these protests:

Avoiding the publication of fake news and documents

Fake news or fake news is always rejected and disliked, especially during protests and social unrest events.

A fake news or document or picture can be used by the repressive system in the best way, to create doubts about all the facts related to the repression.

Also, fabricated and fake news will cause confusion to human rights institutions and international organizations and public opinion and will even reduce international support for protests.

Registering and documenting crimes related to repression

It is necessary to record in detail (date, time, place, name, etc.) what is going on in these protests.

Apart from the mission of providing accurate and honest information, as some organizations such as Amnesty International have announced, they are trying to document the crimes of the Iranian regime in the bloody suppression of popular protests, and therefore broadcasting and publishing news, documents and images related to the sensitivity of such work It will make organizations easier and faster.

The need to observe safety precautions

Avoid showing the faces of protestors, or their names, or any information that could lead to the arrest of protestors.

The used mobile phone should be as empty as possible of any other information and contacts, so that in the event of an arrest, the security forces will have access to the least amount of documents against the arrested person or other people.

Avoid publishing violent images

The secret of the success of civil movements is in avoiding and denying violence, so any kind of encouragement to violence will degenerate civil protest movements. Let’s remember that dictatorial and repressive governments love violence, because the more instruments of violence they have, the more proficient they are in this. It has a context.

Avoid images containing divisive slogans

The Iranian society is not homogeneous in terms of ethnicity, religion, religion, language, etc., and it is completely plural, so any images that contain divisive slogans can deal a fatal blow to the nationwide protests and prevent a part of the society from joining the protests.