Fardin Kamangar, a Kurdish journalist and the editor-in-chief of Goran weekly, was arrested and beaten by police forces on Kurdistan Boulevard in Sanandaj on September 24.

According to Goran News, according to the explanations of “Fardin Kamangar”, the owner of the concession and responsible manager of “Goran” weekly newspaper in Kurdistan, he said that at 12 o’clock on the 24th of Shahrivar, while in traffic without participating in the popular protests in Sanandaj, he witnessed the beating of one of I was a media colleague and I entered the place to describe my physical condition, but unfortunately, despite introducing myself as a reporter, I was beaten and treated inappropriately by the officers, and my body parts, including my wrists and elbows, were bruised and bruised due to the blows. has been
Kamangar expressed his regret for such inappropriate and unethical behavior of some agents and stated: Currently, all my body parts are bruised and beaten, and the effects of this beating are evident on my body, and my hand is in a splint, which I hope will prevent the injury. improve.
He said: Considering the role and position of journalists in the society and the issue of information, we should be supported and legally protected by the government. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I presented a journalist’s identification card, the security forces attacked me without respecting my citizenship and job rights. Transferring to the command center, they also beat the servant.
Since the beginning of protests against the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini, 18 journalists have been arrested in Iran.