One of those killed in the demonstration in the city of Oshnaviyeh is Milan Haghighi, the son of Kurdish writer Salim Haghighi.

Salim Haghighi was once sentenced to death due to his political activities when he was a teenager. But he was not executed due to his young age.

Once again in the city of Ranieh in Iraqi Kurdistan, Salim Haghighi was seriously injured by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s soldiers with knives, but this time he was saved from death.

Salim has published his memories in a novel called Gypsy.

In 2020, Salim Haghighi had not yet written his novel, he had only published some parts of his memories on his Facebook page. At that time, I was working at Nawa Radio and had an interview with him.

On Wednesday night, during the demonstrations against the murder of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, three people were shot dead by the Iranian security forces in the city of Oshnaviyeh , one of them was Milan Haghigi, Salim’s son.