Protests against the murder of Zhina Amini continue in the Kordensin areas of Iran, and during the protests on Saturday, at least two people were killed and dozens were injured.

On Monday, Kurdish citizens in the provinces of Ilam, Kermanshah, Kurdistan and West Azarbaijan, as well as in the provinces of Tehran and Gilan, non-Kurdish citizens continued their protests against the killing of Zina Amini, a Kurdish girl by the police in Tehran.

Protests in Kurdish areas started with sit-ins and many citizens stayed at home and shops were closed.

Protests continued in the form of demonstrations from the afternoon.

In Diwandre city of Kurdistan province, demonstrations were violently suppressed by the security forces and in this city, two young men named Fawad Ghadimi and Mohsen Mohammadi were killed and nearly 20 others were injured.

In Bane, Bukan, Saqez, Mahabad and Sanandaj, more than 30 demonstrators were injured and a number of others were arrested.

On September 13, Zhina (Mehsa) Amini, a Kurdish girl, was arrested in Tehran on the pretext of not wearing a hijab, and according to her relatives, she fell into a coma due to torture and died on Friday, September 16.

The heartbreaking death of this Kurdish girl caused many reactions in Iran and abroad.

Demonstrations and protests are continuing in Kurdish areas since Saturday.