He is afraid of women and life
Lord of darkness

From a woman’s hair, from a woman’s smell
from a woman’s smile
From the woman’s voice
He is afraid of a woman’s name
God of death, God of man
A rope of executionis placed on the head of every woman.
If the rope is released from the head, it will fall on the neck.
Like Zhina (Mehsa)*
Like all Iranian women



Zhina (Mehsa) Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish girl, was arrested in Tehran on the charge that part of her hair fell from her scarf . she was tortured in the police station. Zhina fell into a coma due to torture and died on September 16.
Zhina is a Kurdish noun meaning life-giving, but unfortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s only gift to the people, the Kurds, the people of Iran, and the people of the world has been death.