On September 13, 22-year-old Zhina (Mehsa) Amini, who came to Tehran with her family from Saqqez, was arrested near Shahid Haqqani metro station by Irshad patrol officers under the pretext of attending the “Introduction Class”, but two hours later, half-life her body taken to the hospital by ambulance while he was in a coma.

One of the detainees, who was present in the Irshad patrol car, confirmed that the assault was carried out in the car and when they arrived at the detention center, Zhina’s general condition was unpleasant, but she had a good level of consciousness.

After the officers in the detention center ignored the situation of Zhina and following the protest of the other detainees, an assault took place and finally the ambulance arrived at the detention center with a long delay to take this young girl to the hospital.

During the arrest of Zhina Amini, after the protest of her brother who was with her, the officers said that they would take her to the “Ethical Security” police on Vizar Street for a “briefing class” and they would release her after an hour.

According to Zhina’s family, this young girl is now in a coma and doctors have given up hope of saving her.

According to Kiaresh Amini, his brother, Amini’s family and himself are under pressure from the security forces.

Two days after the stroke and heart attack of Zhina Amini at the moral security police center in Vizarei Street in Tehran, the police called it “the news and claims of the enimi media about this incident” and rejected it.
In the notice of the capital police about Zhina Amini, without mentioning her name, it is stated: “A lady was directed to one of the Greater Tehran police departments for “justification and training” and was “suddenly” directed to He suddenly had a heart problem.

It seems that repeating and insisting on the suddenness of this story is an attempt to cover up the issue which is ironically revealing because many social media users compare this incident with similar events such as the “sudden death” of Zahra Kazemi “due to hitting her head with a hard object”. During the interrogation, the death of Zahra Bani Yaqoub on the first night of her detention has been compared with the justification of “suicide” and the death of Sattar Beheshti due to severe internal bleeding during the interrogation.
The police announcement also states: “This lady was immediately transferred to the hospital with the cooperation of the police and emergency services and is undergoing treatment.”
Some social media users, in response to the police announcement about the coma of Zhina (Mehsa) Amini, called it an obvious lie and referred to the Irshad patrol as “killing patrol”.

In the last few months, following the increase in the presence of guidance patrols in the streets and cities across the country and the tightening of strict regulations regarding hijab, extensive reports and images of women being treated and assaulted by officers under the pretext of hijab have been published.