A father who was accused of murdering his two daughters in Chamchmal was acquitted by the court, with the excuse that the necessary evidence was not available. This action of the court provoked the anger of Qobad Talabani, the deputy prime minister of the Kurdistan Region, and in an article with an angry tone, he expressed his disgust at the freedom of the main accused of the murder of two girls.

Qobad Talabani stated in an article titled “Snake and Ladder” that with all difficulty they can arrest an accused of honor killings and murder of women, but the court makes their efforts futile by releasing the accused.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has also written that he is very angry at the news of the release of a father who was accused of the honor killing of his two daughters.

He also called the people who kill their wives, daughters, sisters and wives under the pretext of honor and honor as “dishonorable” and wrote that the recent decision of the court will make murderers learn from now on that after committing a crime In the court, blame the crime on their teenage son and get rid of the punishment in this way.

At the end of his article, Qobad Talabani has sworn that if he is left alone on the path of fighting with the killers of women, he will not stop chasing these killers.

In early September 2020, the bodies of two sisters named Avar (19) and Helen (17) were found near a village in Chachmaal, and after a while their father was arrested on the charge of this crime.

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