According to the news received in the Hengjal border region of Baneh city, a Kolber named Rzgar Mohammadzadeh from Saqqez was killed by direct fire from the Iranian armed forces.

Rzgar Mohammadzadeh was 36 years old and had two children.

Also, as a result of the firing of Iranian forces, another soldier named Saeed Karimi was injured.

In the last two months, at least 8 cultivators were killed in the border areas of Bane city, And 22 other kolbers have been injured. Also, 3 other kolbers were seriously injured during the kolbari in these border areas as a result of mine explosion.

The body of Rzgar Mohammadzadeh in Baneh Hospital

In March of this year, the commander of Iran’s Border Guard announced during a visit to Baneh border posts: “Baneh borders from Haftash to Broushkani will be closed in the next 2 months and we have ordered that no one should cross the border without paying attention to the border guards’ orders. If they violate the law, they will be dealt with harshly.” will be.”