Zahra Sediqi Hamedani, known as “Sarah”, 31 years old from Naghdeh, together with Elham Chobdar, 24 years old from Urmia, one of the activists of the LGBT community, was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court of Urmia in a joint case on the charge of corruption in the world through the promotion of homosexuality. became
According to the received report, the sentence issued in the last few days has been served to these two people in the women’s ward of Urmia Central Prison. This is the case of Soheila Ashrafi, 52 years old from Urmia, who is incarcerated in the women’s ward of the central prison of Urmia, awaiting the verdict.
Today (January 16, 2022), these two activists of the Rainbow community were accused by Urmia public prosecutor’s office of “corruption on earth” through “promoting homosexuality” and “promoting Christianity” and “communicating with media opposing the Islamic Republic”.
On October 27, 2021, Zahra Sediqi Hamdani was arrested by IRGC intelligence forces while going to Turkey and at the border of this country, and after about two months of detention, she was transferred to the women’s ward of the Central Prison of Urmia in the solitary cell of IRGC intelligence detention center in Urmia.
It should be noted that Zahra Sediqi Hamadani was denied the right to access a lawyer during her detention, and in addition to verbal harassment and insults to her identity and appearance, the security agents threatened her with execution and custody of her two children.
Amnesty International previously reported that Zahra Sediqi Hamdani, a human rights defender and member of the LGBT community, “simply because of her sexual orientation and real or assumed gender identity, as well as her posts and statements on social media in defense of the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, Transgender and intersex are under arrest arbitrarily against international standards and are in the central prison of Urmia.