When ISIS attacked Sinjar on August 3, 2014, Wafa, a 9-year-old girl, along with 6 thousands of other Yazidi women and girls, was captured by this Islamic extremist group.
On Saturday, September 3, 2022, a 17-year-old Yazidi girl was freed from the hand of this terrorist organization during the cleaning operation of the Hol camp in Haskeh province, which is home to more than 54,000 people from the families of ISIS fighters.

In an interview with the Women’s News Agency, Wafa told her story like this: “After ISIS members surrounded our village “Kocho”, they took the women and girls with them to Mosul, where they separated the girls from the women and Yazidi girls were transferred to the city of Raqqa in Syria.
In Raqqa, Wafa fled with her 13-year-old sister, who was deaf, as well as a number of other Yazidi girls, but they were arrested again by ISIS members and tortured.
Wafa Ali Abbas says, after that people start selling Yazidi girls. They sell young girls, after they are raped, they are sent back to prison. Wafa will never see her sister again.
She was sold and raped six times
Wafa was sold six times, the first time to a person who was from Saudi Arabia named Abu Siraj, after Abu Siraj raped her, he sold this 9-year-old girl to another person named Abu Sufyan. There was a gap of one month to 45 days between each purchase and sale. The last person who bought her tells her that you are “free”.
Being free meant that he had become a Muslim
Wafa Ali Abbas explained that those who did not convert to Islam were deprived of eating and drinking and were put in a constant grave of torture and humiliation. For this reason, after 3 years, she is forced to pretend to be a Muslim to escape the torture.
She got pregnant at the age of 12
Wafa says that at the age of 12, she was raped by a man named Abu Hassan. Abu Hassan forces her to have an abortion and thus her unborn child is killed.
From Raqqa to Deir Zor and from there to Hole Camp
After the start of the attacks against Raqqa, the capital of ISIS caliphate in Syria, Wafa Ali goes to Deir Zor. From there, she goes to Baghouz, the last point under ISIS control, and after the fall of the ISIS caliphate, she goes to Camp Hol.


Wafa declared that after all these years and bitter experiences, her fear and apprehension was whether her family would accept her again or not. Therefore, she decides to stay in Camp Hole among the families of ISIS members. But finally, during the operation to clear Hole Camp from the hidden shoulders of ISIS, she introduced herself to the Kurdish forces (Women’s Defense Units/YPJ) and was freed from the hell of ISIS.

During the past eight years, nearly 3 thousand Yazidi women and girls who were kidnapped by ISIS have been released, half of these women and girls are still missing.