• On the occasion of September 1, the International Day of Peace

“Since there is a human being
There is a war

Man is the wildest creature on earth

with an insatiable pleasure to shed blood
He was cut off from the construction of the minaret
From burning corpses
From the cries of children and women
From the torture of captives
From seeing the destruction of another human being
Man enjoys all the filth..

The joy of war is the scourge of the earth

Man was the curse of the gods on earth

The curse of the gods was on the earth

History is the story of the half-evil rule of man


since the war

The human half of man

The divine half of man

is at war with war

But the peace is still a mirage..

This is all my fear

This evil man will reach other planets one day and then blood will fall from the sky.

Mohammed Amini