According to the statistics collected by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network in August 1401 (July 22 to August 22, 2022):

  • At least 52 Kurdish citizens and activists were arrested by security and judicial institutions on political charges in various cities and villages of West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces.

Seven of these people have been arrested and sent to prison to execute the sentence. According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, 10 of the detainees have been released on bail, but the rest are still in detention or their fate is unknown.

At least 5 Kurdish citizens and activists have been sentenced to prison terms by the revolutionary and general courts of West Azarbaijan and Kurdistan provinces.

  • In the border areas of Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces, 6 Kurdish kulbers were killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran military forces. Also, 32 kulbers, among whom there are children, were injured or seriously injured by the shootings of the Islamic Republic of Iran military forces, mine explosions, and falling from a height.

At least 7 Kurdish citizens were executed in Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Arak prisons on charges of “intentional murder” and crimes related to “narcotics”. These are the only people that the Kurdistan Human Rights Network has learned about the execution of their death sentences through various sources. It is possible that the number of executed people is more than this number.

At least 1 Kurdish woman was killed by her husband in Kermanshah. This was the only reported case of femicide this month.

  • At least 6 Kurdish workers died as a result of work accidents.

Due to the explosion of mines left over from the Iran-Iraq war in the border areas of Kurdistan, at least 5 citizens and members of the demining team were injured in Baneh and Mehran.

  • On August 27, Saada Khadirzadeh, a citizen from Piranshahr, who has been in detention since October 22, 1400 and gave birth to her child while in detention, protested the continued indecision and pressure from the security institutions in the women’s ward of Urmia Central Prison. committed suicide

Mizan News Agency, which is affiliated with the Iranian government, aired a video of Saada Khadirzadeh’s confession in which he denied committing suicide. Human rights organizations consider the broadcast of these forced confessions to continue the pressure on this woman and her child in prison.

  • On August 15, Yusuf Rabbani with organizational code Rizan Javaid, former co-chairman of the Free and Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan (Kodar) and a member of the leadership of the Hayat Azad Kurdistan Party (Pajak) in a joint operation by Iranian and Turkish intelligence agencies in the city of Qamishlo, Syrian Kurdistan. (Rojava) was targeted by a drone attack by the Turkish army and two of his companions died.

Following the holding of the memorial ceremony of this political activist from Mahabad by his family in this city, the agents of the Intelligence Department and the Intelligence Organization of the Mahabad Corps, by summoning the family members of Yusuf Rabbani (Rizan Javed), prohibited the continuation of the memorial ceremony at his family home. The security interrogators also pressured and threatened his mother and brothers to participate in a television interview and attribute the responsibility of killing him to the Pjak party.

له‌ مانگێكدا 52 هاوڵاتی و چالاكوانی رۆژهه‌ڵاتی كوردستان ده‌ستگیركراون
له‌ ماوه‌ی یه‌ك مانگی رابردوودا 52 هاوڵاتی و چالاكوانی رۆژهه‌ڵاتی كوردستان له‌ پارێزگاكانی ورمێ و سنه‌ ده‌ستگیركراون و هه‌ر له‌و ماوه‌یه‌دا 7 زیندانیكراویش له‌سێداره‌دراون و شه‌ش كۆڵبه‌ریش كوژراون.
تۆڕی مافه‌كانی مرۆڤی كوردستان بڵاویكرده‌وه‌ له‌ مانگی گه‌لاوێژ (22ی ته‌مموز تا 22ی ئاب) لانیكه‌م 52 هاوڵاتی و چالاكوانی كورد له‌ شار و گونده‌كانی دوو پارێزگای ورمێ و سنه‌ به‌ تۆمه‌تی سیاسی له‌لایه‌ن هێزه‌ ئه‌منییه‌كانی ئێرانه‌وه‌ ده‌ستگیركراون و له‌و ژماره‌یه‌ حه‌وت كه‌سیان به‌ مه‌به‌ستی تێپه‌ڕاندنی سزاكه‌یان ره‌وانه‌ی زیندان كراون و 10 كه‌سیش به‌ دانانی بارمته‌ به‌ شێوه‌ی كاتی ئازاد كراون و ئه‌وانی دیكه‌ تائێستا ده‌ستبه‌سه‌رن، یان هیچ زانیارییه‌ك له‌ باره‌ی چاره‌نوسیانه‌وه‌ به‌رده‌ست نییه‌.
له‌ راپۆرته‌كه‌دا باس له‌وه‌شكراوه‌، كه‌ هێزه‌ ئه‌منییه‌كانی ئێران له‌ مه‌هاباد وێڕای رێگری له‌ به‌ڕێوه‌چوونی پرسه‌ی شه‌هید رێزان جاوید (یوسف ره‌بانی) هاوسه‌رۆكی پێشووی كۆدار و ئه‌ندامی ده‌سته‌ی به‌ڕێوه‌به‌ری په‌ژاك كه‌ له‌ هێرشێكی ئاسمانیدا له‌ قامیشلۆ شه‌هید ببوو، دایك و براكانی شه‌هید رێزانیان بانگهێشت كردووه‌.
ئه‌وه‌ش خراوه‌ته‌ڕوو، كه‌ هێزه‌ ئه‌منییه‌كان گوشاریان خستووه‌ته‌ سه‌ر بنه‌ماڵه‌ی شه‌هید رێزان جاوید بۆ ئه‌وه‌ی به‌شداری له‌ چاوپێكه‌وتنێكی ته‌له‌ڤزیۆنیدا بكه‌ن و به‌رپرسیارێتی شه‌هیدبوونی شه‌هید رێزان بخه‌نه‌ ئه‌ستۆی په‌ژاك.
هه‌ر به‌ گوێره‌ی ئاماره‌كه‌ له‌ ماوه‌ی ئه‌و مانگه‌دا لانیكه‌م 7 هاولاتی كورد به‌ تۆمه‌تی “كوشتنی به‌ ئه‌نقه‌ست” و “تاوانه‌كانی په‌یوه‌ست به‌ مادده‌ هۆشبه‌ره‌كان” له‌ سێداره‌ دراون.
سه‌باره‌ت به‌ كۆڵبه‌رانیش تۆڕی مافه‌كانی مرۆڤ باسی له‌وه‌كردووه‌، له‌ ماوه‌ی یه‌ك مانگدا 6 كۆڵبه‌ر به‌ ته‌قه‌ی راسته‌وخۆی هێزه‌كانی ئێران كوژراون و 32 كۆڵبه‌ریش به‌ هۆی ته‌قه‌ی هێزه‌كانی ئێران، ته‌قینه‌وه‌ی مین و كه‌وتنه‌خواره‌وه‌ له‌ به‌رزایی برینداربوون.
هه‌ر له‌و مانگه‌دا یه‌ك ژن له‌ لایه‌ن هاوسه‌ره‌كه‌یه‌وه‌ له‌ كرماشان كوژراوه‌ و به‌ هۆی رووداوه‌كانی شوێنی كاركردنیشه‌وه‌ لانیكه‌م شه‌ش كرێكار گیانیان له‌ده‌ستداوه‌.
تۆڕی مافه‌كانی مرۆڤ ئاماژه‌ی به‌وه‌شداوه‌ كه‌ له‌ مانگی رابردوودا 5 هاوڵاتی و ئه‌ندامێكی تیمه‌كانی مین هه‌ڵگرتنه‌وه‌ له‌ بانه‌ و مێهران به‌ هۆی ته‌قینه‌وه‌ی مینه‌وه‌ برینداربوون.