“The conspirators in Kurdistan are at the top of the infidels, I order the government to deal with them severely, the gendarmerie and the army to deal with them severely, if they do not deal with them severely, we will deal with them severely.”

These sentences are part of Ayatollah Khomeini’s decree on August 19, 1979; An order that led to a disaster in the Kurdish regions of Iran.
After the fall of the government of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Kurdish political parties took control of parts of Kurdistan; A move that did not go well with Ayatollah Khomeini and his close friends, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio started distorting what was happening in Kurdistan from the very beginning.
While the “Kurdistan Democratic Party” led by “Abdul Rahman Ghasemlu” with the slogan “autonomy for Kurdistan and democracy for Iran” and the “Komale Party” were active with measures to form people’s councils to manage cities in Kurdistan, what the media reported in The case of Kurdistan was reflected, it was only separatism and war.
This fatwa of Khomeini was almost 10 years before his fatwa against Salman Rushdie, the author of the book “Satanic Verses”.
After this fatwa, the army, gendarmerie and popular forces attacked Kurdistan. Hundreds and thousands of young, old, Kurdish women and children were killed.
Just as Salman Rushdie’s only crime was freedom of expression, the Kurds’ crime was to demand their national, cultural and human rights. But Khomeini proved with his satanic fatwa that he accepts the language of violence and petrifying behavior and is against all human rights and freedoms.

If this fatwa was implemented after 30 years of Khomeini’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie and this writer was seriously injured, but the fatwa was implemented for the Kurds from the very beginning and thousands of people were arrested, tortured and executed according to this fatwa, or As a result of the military attacks of the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they were killed and wounded.
The most dangerous point of Khomeini’s fatwa is that it continues to be implemented until today.
According to this fatwa, in the last year of Khomeini’s life, thousands of political prisoners were executed en masse.
Also, the killing of Kolbers in the Kurdistan of Iran is a manifestation of the continuation of the implementation of this fatwa.
Every year, more than 300 Kurds are killed and injured by security forces in the border areas of Iranian Kurdistan, but no one has been tried or punished for these crimes. The reason for this is the current and continuation of Khomeini’s fatwa, which has legalized the shedding of Kurdish blood.

The question that is raised here is that the progressive and free world that has done valuable things to support Salman Rushdie in the last 30 years and all together condemned the attack on this writer.
In the last 42 years, have they done anything to protect the Kurds against the execution of Khomeini’s sinister fatwa?