Hands of the prisoner in jail

The human rights violation report in July 2022 is a summary of the efforts of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and based on the reports collected by this human rights organization.
This report is not a complete report due to the Iranian government’s disallowance of human rights organizations and groups, and only depicts a part of human rights violations in Kurdistan.
By arresting Kurdish citizens, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has violated the civil, political and social rights of the Kurdish people and has continued this policy. Violation of freedom of opinion and expression, violation of the right to life and personal security, and government discrimination are things that are done daily by the Iranian government.
In continuation of the inhumane and hostile policies of the Iranian government, this month we witnessed the execution of 16 of our compatriots, 2 of whom were women and 14 were men.
Arrest and prison
Arresting and imprisoning citizens has continued to increase in this month
According to the summarized statistics, a total of 89 of our compatriots have been arrested in Kurdistan this month. Among them, 68 people are under arrest and 14 of them have been sentenced to prison, and 6 of those arrested were also women.
kolbers and traders
The direct fire of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards resulted in the death of 4 Kolbers and the wounding of 38 Kolbers. In total, their number has reached 42 people.
It should be noted that so far no institution in Iran and Kurdistan has taken any constructive action in this regard and no one has been prosecuted for this crime.
The number of suicides is still increasing and unfortunately we saw an increase in the suicide of citizens, especially teenagers under the age of 18 and women. More than 6 women have been killed and 5 women have committed suicide, 2 men have also been killed and 21 others have committed suicide.
According to the reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Committee, 2 citizens have been seriously injured by landmine explosions this month.
In continuation of the systematic program of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to destroy and eliminate the people of eastern Kurdistan, 1 person was assassinated and 7 ordinary people of Kurdistan were targeted by the Iranian government forces and lost their lives, two of whom were killed. Gunn was a child.
In the end, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association asks the society and people of Kurdistan to be diligent to achieve their legal and natural rights and to publicize any cases of human rights violations and to be diligent to create a free society.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association