According to the report of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Revolutionary Guard Corps of the Islamic Republic of Iran is building one of the largest military and missile bases in the village of “Abolhasan” in Baneh County in Kurdistan Province.

The mentioned area is less than 20 kilometers away from the border between Iran and Iraq.

According to the received information, this area is generally militarized and quarantined, and even the residents of that village cannot travel without permission and coordination with the security forces of the base under construction.

Also, hundreds of trucks are transporting equipment and supplies for the construction of that base every day, which has not only caused damage to the environment, agricultural and livestock lands, but also disturbed the security and peace of the people of the region, and the existence of such a base has made the region unsafe.

It is worth mentioning that the Islamic Republic has hidden most of its nuclear, missile and drone bases in the Zagros mountains, especially in Kermashan, causing many dangers in eastern Kurdistan, and most missile tests are also conducted in Kurdistan.

In the past few months, Iran’s missile and drone bases have been attacked by Israel, the last one was the destruction of the drone sound in Mahidasht, Kermanshah.

In revenge for this attack, Iran attacked Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan with a missile and claimed that it targeted an Israeli base.