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The artillery of the Turkish army bombarded the tourist village “Parkhi” in Zakho city of Dohuk province of the Kurdistan region, as a result of this attack more than 30 Iraqi tourists were killed and injured.
On Wednesday, the artillery of the Turkish army shelled the tourist village “Parkhi” in the “Darkar” region of Zakho.

According to the latest statistics, 9 people, most of whom are women and children, were killed in this attack and 22 people were injured, including women and children.
This attack caused the anger of Iraqis.
In the city of Najaf, a number of demonstrators closed the Turkish visa office and pulled down the Turkish flag.

Protest demonstrations are planned to be held in other Iraqi cities, including Basra and Baghdad.
Iraqi political and civil activists demand the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador.
Also, Moqtada al-Sadr, an influential cleric and the leader of the Sadri movement, demanded in a tweet that the land borders between Iraq and Turkey be closed and flights between these two countries be suspended.

This Iraqi politician also requested that the diplomatic relations between Iraq and Turkey be reduced to the lowest level and that Iraq complains about Turkey in the United Nations.
Al-Sadr also requested that all security agreements between Iraq and Turkey be terminated.
On the other hand, the local government of the Kurdistan region also condemned the recent attack by the Turkish army.

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The United Nations Office in Iraq has also condemned this attack and requested that all involved parties respect the sovereignty of Iraqi soil.
Turkey has been intensifying its attacks against northern Iraq for three months under the pretext of the existence of Kurdistan Workers’ Party bases. A large number of Iraqi civilians have been killed and wounded in these attacks.