Once again, a Kurdish political prisoner committed suicide just a few days after being released from prison.
Mateen Hasanvand, 21, from the city of Ashnoye, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for being a member of one of the Kurdistan parties, committed suicide only a few days after his release from Mako prison.
In May of this year, news of the suicide of Siavash Bahrami, a Kurdish political prisoner, was published.
Siavash committed suicide 3 days after his release from prison.
In February 2017, Mrs. Mahdis Mir Qavami, a political activist, committed suicide just one day after being released from prison.

Apart from these, a number of Kurdish political prisoners have committed suicide in prison, one example of which was Ali Mohammadi, a Kurdish political prisoner in Urmia prison, and Hossein Faizipour in Bukan prison in 2019.
Although no independent investigation has been conducted on the suicide of political prisoners, according to the statements of many political prisoners in Iran, the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran apply the most severe tortures when arresting political and civil activists, and one of the most severe tortures is sexual assault. It is for prisoners.