Once she escaped with his wounds and saved herlife, but hundreds of kilometers away from home, the same hand once again took her life with a knife and withered her dreams.

A young woman named Zhila Zarei has been stabbed to death by her ex-husband in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, on 26 June.

The ex-husband, identified as A.A., has fled after committing the murder.

Zarei, 23, comes from Sardasht in Iran’s West Azarbaijan province and had one child.

After the young woman and her husband separated, she was not allowed to see her child. Her mother-in-law was looking after the child.

Instead of supporting her, Zhila’s family rejected her and cut off their relationship with their daughter.

After separating from her husband a few years ago, she moved to Erbil where she started working as a model.

The victim’s body was buried two days after her death in the city of Qaladze, in the Kurdistan Region, in the presence of several members of her family.

Her funeral was held by her family in Sardasht on 4 July.

She had reportedly been harassed multiple times by her ex-husband in Sardasht.

In an interview that she did a while ago, Zhila talked about the problems and pains in her life, but she said that she wants to shine like the sun.

Based on the reports of 2019, Zhila was in a romantic relationship with a young boy in Sardasht, and after this relationship was revealed, Zhila’s wife first killed the young boy and then wounded Zhila with a knife.

Zhila escaped from Sardasht hospital while she was injured and went to Erbil.

 one of Zila’s friends who was her roommate in Erbil, three days before Zhila’s murder, Zhila’s ex-wife called her and told her that she was deported from Turkey to Iraq and had nowhere to stay.

Zhila agrees to shelter her ex-husband for a while, but on June 26, this person kills Zhila with a knife and steals $1,500 of Zhila’s friend’s money.

According to the information I have received, Zhiila’s ex-husband has fled to Iran.

Honor killings in Kurdistan are one of the main reasons for killing women.