According to statistics compiled by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network:

  • In Khordad(The last month of spring) 1401 (May 21 to June 21, 2022) in the border areas of the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah, a kulber named Ako Rasouli was shot dead by Iranian border guards in the border areas of Baneh.

At least 11 kulbers were targeted and directly wounded by Iranian border guards, and two others were tortured by these forces. Another kulber was injured when he fell from a height during Culbery.

Also this month, two businessmen from the Kurdistan Region were killed and wounded as a result of shootings by Iranian troops in the border areas. A Kurdish businessman was shot and wounded inside the Bazargan customs yard after a verbal argument with a Border Regiment officer. Also, two businessmen named Milad Karimi, 18, and Pouya Mohammad Azizian, 16, died as a result of a fire in a fuel depot in the border village of “Haneh Garmaleh” in Nosud, Kermanshah province.

  • In June 1401, at least 55 citizens, teachers’ union activists and temporary activists in different cities and villages of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces were arrested on political charges by security and judicial institutions.

Most of the detainees are trade union activists and teachers who were detained by security forces in connection with workers ‘and teachers’ protests. Security agencies in various cities in Kurdistan also summoned and interrogated large numbers of workers and teachers for organizing or participating in protest rallies.

In the last week of June alone, at least 36 teachers’ union activists have been arrested in the cities of Saqez, Divandere, Marivan, Sanandaj and Kermanshah. Of these, 23 teachers’ union activists are still in detention.

  • In June 1401, the car of a former Kurdish political prisoner and a member of the Kurdish Kurdistan Organization, Akbar Sanjabi, exploded in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan Region, and he was injured.

In June 1401, a Kurdish political prisoner named Firuz Musaloo, who had previously been sentenced to death for membership in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on charges of “War against God”, was secretly executed in Urmia Central Prison. Also, at least 11 prisoners were executed in Urmia, Kermanshah, Ilam and Rajai Shahr prisons in Karaj on charges of premeditated murder and drugs.

  • In June 1401, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network and the Abdul Rahman Boroumand Foundation published a joint report announcing the danger of enforcing the amputation sentence of eight prisoners in the Greater Tehran Prison.

In June 1401, a woman identified as Sargol Akbari, 42, a mother of three and a resident of the Hassanabad neighborhood of Sanandaj, was killed by her husband over what she described as a “family dispute.”

In June 1401, at least one Kurdish citizen was sentenced to six months in prison for acting against national security.

  • In June 1401, a soldier from Ahar was killed by a mine explosion at a border checkpoint in Sardasht.
  • In June 1401, at least 6 Kurdish workers lost their lives in an accident while working.