The Kurdistan Human Rights Network has been informed that the fate of a Kurdish citizen from the village of “Karzan” in Ilam, Kourosh Hawasi, who was detained by security forces about two months ago, has not been reported yet.

This citizen, who has been a member of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (Pak) for several years, has been living in the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan Region since last year after resigning from this party. In mid-April this year, he was transferred to Sardasht by smugglers to go to Europe, but was detained by security forces.

He was released on bail after a week, but was arrested again a few days later by security forces after raiding his family home in the village of Karzan, Ilam, and transferred to an unknown location.

Security forces reportedly fired shots into the air during his detention to intimidate him. Despite following up with the citizen’s family to the security agencies and the Ilam court, no information has been obtained about the reason for his arrest and whereabouts.

I mentioned earlier in a report entitled “Crossing the Fire” that Iranian Kurdish refugees in Iraq are being forced to migrate to Europe to escape the dire situation in Iraq, and that the only way right now is the most dangerous.

These people have to cross the territory of Iran in order to go to Turkey.