Popular protests in Iran against inflation and unemployment continue, and security forces are using force to quell the protests. Meanwhile, the identities of four of those killed in the protests were announced.
Names and pictures of the 4 dead identified during the popular protests of May 2022 until the end of Saturday night:
Omid Soltani, Andimeshk / Khuzestan
Hamid Ghasempour Farsani, Farsan / Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
Pish Ali Ghalebi Hajivand, Razai Dezful / Khuzestan
Saadat Hadipoor, Hafshjan / Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
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Simultaneously with the continuation of the suppression of demonstrations in different cities of Iran in protest of the high prices, ILNA News Agency has published the audio file of the statements of the representative of Dezful about the confirmation of the killing of a protester.
Over the past week, union and political protests in Iran have intensified following political pressures, rising prices and shortages of basic goods. But the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade (“Samat”), emphasizing the government’s position, announced that the cash subsidy would be eliminated and that people would receive goods instead.
Protests in various parts of Iran have reportedly been accompanied by a response from security forces and the deployment of counterinsurgency units in troubled cities, and there have been reports of widespread arrests, shootings and killings of protesters.
So far, pictures of the protests in Khuzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Charmahal Bakhtiari and Lorestan have been published.
Release of audio file confirming that one person was killed; Silence of internal media
Ahmad Avaei, Dezful’s representative in the Iranian parliament, who confirmed yesterday that a person had been killed during a protest rally in Andimeshk, denied the news today. But in response to this denial, the Iranian Labor News Agency, ILNA, has published the audio file of this member of parliament who talks about this person who was killed.
In his statement of denial, Mr. Avaee said that his interview with ILNA had been “distorted and inaccurate.”
“I did not have any confirmation about the casualties or the killing of a citizen or a protester, and I only emphasized that some of the allegations made in cyberspace should be resolved,” said Ahmad Avaei.
In response to these remarks, ILNA News Agency published the audio file of the interview with him.
At the same time, however, major domestic news agencies in Iran and major newspapers have remained silent about the protests. Earlier on Friday, Iran’s interior minister said there had been only a few “gatherings of several dozen people” that he said had been “gathered by the efforts of law enforcement commanders.” Meanwhile, according to the latest reports from Iran, the heavy security atmosphere continues in many places.
Eliminate subsidies and provide a basket of goods
Simultaneously with these protests and tensions, the Ministry of Industries and Mines has emphasized the government’s position, saying that cash subsidies will be eliminated and a basket of goods will be provided instead.
In this regard, Mohammad Sadegh Mofteh, Deputy Minister of Industries and Mines for Commercial Affairs, said: “Providing a basket of goods to compensate for the increase in prices required a preliminary step, and therefore it was decided not to do so in a hurry. “Provide a basket of goods from it.”
“The notion that a new piece of hardware is being done for Calabrus like we did in the ’60s is wrong and will not be,” he said on a television program.
According to him, the existing infrastructure, such as a bank card, will be used to provide the coupon.
Qalibaf met with Raisi
Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, who had previously criticized the government’s performance on flour and pasta in a low-key critique, announced today a meeting of the leaders of the forces and a meeting with Ibrahim Ra’isi.
Mr. Qalibaf said that he had another meeting with the president yesterday regarding this issue and exchanged views. He stressed that this issue will be “followed up”.
Protests are expensive
Protests over the cost and related issues intensified after the Iranian government cut flour subsidies for some bakeries and all food factories about two weeks ago, while reports of shortages of basic goods were published.
In recent years, protests over high prices or water shortages have been violently suppressed by the government.
In November 2019, the rise in gasoline prices sparked widespread protests, which were met with unprecedented violence by military and security forces.