A young woman was brutally murdered by her brother and the killer committed suicide after killing three family members of a boy who allegedly had an affair with his sister.

According to the information received, on Friday, May 6, a young woman from the village of “Ghomsheh” in Kermanshah province in Iranian Kurdistan, identified as “Zahra Azizi Ghomsheh”, was brutally set on fire by her brother, identified as Ismail Azizi Ghomsheh.

The young girl was murdered by her brother out of honor and a relationship with another person, sources reported.

After killing his sister, Sajjad Azizi Ghomsheh, Ismail Azizi Ghomsheh shot dead a person who had an affair with his sister, along with his father, identified as Jafar Azizi Ghomshei, and another member of their family, Amir Azizi Ghomshei, with a gun.

The killer also committed suicide with a gun and killed himself after killing the four.

Honor killings in Kurdistan and the Middle East are one of the main manifestations of violence against women.

source :Hengaw