Counterinsurgency forces in the city of Izeh in Khuzestan province have prevented some citizens from gathering to protest the high price of bread.
According to reports, the home internet connection has been cut off for hours throughout Khuzestan province.
According to local sources, the internet was cut off when a call was made to protest the price of bread in the area.
Also, according to some reports, a protest was held in Shiraz against the price of bread.
About two weeks ago, the Iranian government cut flour subsidies for some bakeries and all food factories.
This has led to a significant increase in the price of food products that require flour (such as pasta).
In addition to the issue of bread prices, the publication of contradictory news about the “bread subsidy card” has also caused confusion.
Last week, there were several reports about the beginning of the pilot phase of this project in Zanjan province.
But on Saturday, the Interior Ministry issued a statement denying the news, calling it a “rumor spread by dissident media.”
In recent years, protests over high prices or water shortages have been violently suppressed by the government.
In November 2019, the rise in gasoline prices sparked widespread protests, which were met with unprecedented violence by military and security forces.
According to Amnesty International, it managed to document the deaths of at least 324 people during the protests.