Seven citizens with letters “Hassan Ezzati, Nishtman Rahmati, Saeed Mohammadi, Parvin Fallahi, Omar Soleimani, Afshin Rahimi and Fateh Majidi” from Baneh have been detained by Iranian security forces.

According to what was published on social media, Nishtman Rahmati, Saeed Mohammadi’s wife, was temporarily released after several hours of detention and interrogation.

The detention of these citizens took place without any judicial order.

Six other citizens were transferred to an Iranian security detention center in Sanandaj (Sunnah) for questioning.

According to the report, Iranian security forces confiscated some personal items, including laptops and mobile phones.

Hassan Ezzati, head of the Baneh Workers’ Union, Parvin Fallahi, a civil activist and women’s rights activist (Hassan Ezzati’s wife), Omar Soleimani, a labor activist and former political prisoner, and Saeed Mohammadi, a labor activist and former political prisoner are.

As of this writing, no information is available on the reasons for the arrests and the charges against these citizens.

In 2021, at least 421 Kurdish cities and activists were arrested for political reasons by the security, law enforcement and judicial institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 296 of them were civilians, 81 were activists, 10 were children, 8 were former political prisoners, 5 were former members of Kurdish opposition parties, and 8 were journalists, artists, and writers.

Of these, 44 were sent to prison to serve various sentences. At least 74 people were transferred to the detention centers of the Ministry of Intelligence and 30 to the detention centers of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization.

In 2021, the general courts and the Islamic Revolution in Kurdistan convicted at least 98 Kurdish citizens and activists on political charges.