A group of social activists, lawyers and attorneys issued a statement condemning the Turkish military’s military invasion of the Kurdistan Region.

Read a copy of this statement provided to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network for publication:

Unfortunately, these days, international law and its most fundamental principles and rules are constantly violated by dictatorial, law-breaking and coercive governments. Meanwhile, the Turkish government, while suppressing Palestinian demonstrations in the occupied territories, has abused the world’s and the world’s attention to Ukraine, and once again, with utter brutality and rampage, has invaded neighboring Iraq, sovereignty, independence and unity. It has violated the territory of this country through a large-scale ground and air attack on the Kurdistan region and has committed a crime of aggression.

The signatories of this statement strongly condemn this military attack and warn of the negative consequences of such actions and gross violations of the fundamental principles and rules of international law, such as the prohibition of the use of force, the prohibition of violations of territorial integrity and political independence of nations. they give. These actions rob international peace and security as a fundamental goal of international law and the United Nations. Despite the evolution of international law, especially since the seventeenth century, it is sometimes necessary to reconsider the views of so-called deniers of international law, including a group called the “followers of the policy of coercion in international relations” led by Hegel. Contract. It seems that Hegelianism still exists in the international arena and its pro-government states are still in place!

It is one of the bitter ironies of the times that a country like Turkey, which has a black case in violation of many rules and standards of international law and human rights and cooperation with the entire anti-human group ISIL, is currently meeting with representatives of Ukraine and Russia to reach a political solution and restore peace. International security has become!

No state has the right to encroach on the territorial integrity and political sovereignty of other states by claiming to defend its national security, and to threaten or endanger regional and international peace and security. The legitimate security concerns of any country can only be resolved through peaceful negotiations and dialogue. On this basis, we call on the governments to condemn this act of aggression, believing in the serious threat to international peace and security through such actions and the blatant violation of the territorial integrity and political independence of the neighboring country by the Turkish government. And we are the international authorities, and in particular the United Nations Security Council, as the primary watchdog of international peace and security, and we are taking a pragmatic approach to ending this widespread and blatant military aggression. In particular, this attack by the Turkish army targeted the lives and property of civilians in the Kurdish region and caused extensive human and financial losses in northern Iraq.

 April 2022

Names of signatories

1- Abbas Abdi

2- Mohammad Saleh Nikbakht

3- Dear Dr. Star

4- Correcting the victim

5- Esfandiar Ebony

6- Mojtaba Goli

7- Free illumination

8- Dr. Qutbuddin Sadeghi

9- Massoud Shamsnejad

10- Dear Karimi

11- Seyed Murad Mousavi

12- Farman Jafari

13- Abdullah Jahanbin

14- Ismail Rahimi

15- Fawad Mutawassal

16- Seyed Mohammad Reza Faghihi

17- Mostafa Beigi “Rhodes Fahili”

18- Hojjatullah Moradi

19-Yousef Tale

20- Alireza Abdullahzadeh

21- Sanjar Fakhri

22. Dr. Bayazid Mardukhi

23. Yasin Mirzaei Kalhor

24. Ibrahim Azizi

25- Ali Shams Borhan

26. Pedram Ansari

27- Nariman Soleimani

28- Mansour Salehi

29- Engineer Hossein Shah Oveisi

30-Dr. Sadegh Zibakalam

31-Kamel Khalili

32- Jamal Taha

33. Mrs. Rufia, the Prophet

34- Ali Saki

35-Ali Fathi

36- Hamzeh Karimi

37-Sajjad Hosseini

38- Reza Karimi

39- Mohammad Heidari

40- Farhad Fathi

41- Majid Karimi

42- Sirus Babaei

43- Mustafa Jalili

44- Faramarz Khosravi

45-Abdullah Sadqi

46- Ibrahim Rafatian

47- Arman Dehghani

48- Saeed Zahedian

49- Sadegh Mohammadian

50-Adnan Hassanpour

51-Rahman Ahmadi

52-Somayeh Rahimi

53-Adnan Hosseini

54. Good appearance

55- Khosrow Forouhar

56- Iraj Ghaderi

57- Mohammad Farhamand

58. Perfection of antiquity

59- Reza Razmjoui

60- Hossein Zahedi

61- Reza Amini

62-Mehdi Abbasi

63-Vahid Motaei

64- Obedient hope

65. Reliable faith

66- Hassan Morad Kakai

67-Hussein Weiss

68- Yousef Zamani

69- Farzad Ruh Elahi

70- Asghar Sotoudeh

71- Behrooz Yarmohammadi

72- Eternal message

73- Vahid Hoshyar

74- Rasool Mohammadi

75- Mohsen Jalilian

76- Ibrahim Sheikh Veisi

77- Perfection of aging

78- Younes Khezri

79- Parsa Ahangari