Today, April 22, coincides with Kurdish Journalism Day. 124 years ago, on this day, the first issue of the newspaper “Kurdistan” was published by Meqdad Medhat Badrkhan in Cairo.

During these 124 years, a large number of Kurdish journalists have been killed, both by the governments that have occupied Kurdistan and by the mafia forces. Many have been killed in successive wars, and hundreds of journalists have been forced to flee their homeland.

Since 2002, when I started working in Kurdish student publications at the University of Tehran, I have not given up this profession.

In the last twenty years I have experienced all areas of journalism, newspaper, radio, television and digital media. I have written both articles and news and reports. For a while, I was a radio presenter . Over the years, I have had many responsibilities in various media.

A job full of pleasure as well as full of stress and fear. When I was working inside Iran, I was forced to leave my homeland because of these media activities. During my years as an asylum seeker in Iraqi Kurdistan, I was repeatedly threatened by the Iranian security forces for my activities.

It was not only a threat, I even lost my job, but they could not take away my faith and belief in my work, and I will continue to do so.

Every day is like the first day for me. Despite all the problems and threats, I love my job and I will continue to do so as long as I live.