Theoretically, I have always believed that successful people are those who turn threats into opportunities.

But there must always be a bridge between theory and practice.

When this belief became a practice, I was in the most difficult situation.

This difficult situation began when I lost my job because of my articles (and, of course, the reports and articles I had previously published, which angered the repressive forces of Iran).

Because of that article and under the pressure of the Iranian security forces, I also faced censorship. Many sites that used to publish my articles were no longer willing to publish my articles.

I sent my CV to several media outlets to find work. Despite my experience and abilities, my requests were rejected for no reason.

Economic pressures on the one hand and censorship pressures on the other have affected my life.

By saving as well as working as a day laborer, as well as translating and other freelance work, I was able to overcome our economic problems to some extent.

At the same time, I was trying to overcome censorship. My only platform was my personal blog.

Initially, I used my blog as a personal archive and a place to keep my journalistic work. But I had to change its function.

Due to the publication of my news and reports on human rights violations in Iranian Kurdistan, the Iranian security forces and the Iranian consulate increased their pressure on me. I felt the razor of censorship to my bones. Due to Iran’s influence in Iraq, many media outlets did not publish my articles, nor did they work for me.

I thought about how I could effectively break the censorship and take a bigger step.

Iranian forces wanted to stifle my voice in the local media in Iraqi Kurdistan. I need to raise my voice and get my message out to more people around the world.

I did the same.

I published my content, reports and news in English on my blog.

After a while, I activated my Twitter account and reposted my content on Twitter.

In a short time (see picture below) in Iraq, where my voice was supposed to be muffled, I attracted the most audience.

It’s not just that.

I found a large audience from all over the world. From all continents!

The only place I could not get my voice heard was Iran. I noticed that my blog has been filtered in Iran.

I may also have readers from Iran, whose IP naturally changes due to the use of VPN.

Another thing that made me very proud and happy was that some of my news, articles and reports were used as references by some sites and writers and journalists.

As my blog developed, a wave of threats, intimidation, and obscenity swept over me.

There were two groups of people who threatened me: some of them were supporters and perhaps members of the Iranian regime’s cyber army who were trying to stop me by threatening, swearing and intimidating me.

The other group is religious fanatics who do not tolerate my views. Especially in relation to my criticisms and reports about religious extremism and the murder of women and …

But none of these threats have been able to stop me.

I am now working harder than ever to achieve a greater goal.

My goal has always been to be able to create large, independent and effective media for Iranian Kurdistan.

Now is the time to take steps to achieve this goal, based on my experiences on my blog. Undoubtedly, this requires great patience, effort and perseverance, I have both great will and strong perseverance, and most importantly, I believe in my work and my goals.

A free and democratic society needs a free media. It needs to fight human rights abuses and counter repression and intimidation.